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Our company was awarded the security service permit

Source:Site    2015年5月25日


  To strengthen the supervision and administration of security services, regulating the behavior of security service industry, on May 18, ministries and agencies issued "about conscientiously implement" security services management regulations > and < the public security organ shall implement security services management ordinance to > notice, to the provincial public security organ to implement the measures for the implementation of the regulations and make the deployment. Provisions in the regulations, since July 1, 2010, has not obtained the security services (training) license units, security services shall engage in business activities (training). The record for existing unit itself to employ security officer should be completed before the end of June. Accordingly, our company organization security as well as the relevant departments held a meeting, study the spirit of the regulations and requirements, to the application for the security service permit "and so on each work make specific plan and arrangement. After efforts, our company has obtained by the security service permit issued by the public security department of jiangsu province, this for the long-term development of the company and conduct business smoothly laid a good foundation. Here, we also remind the general enterprise, please select the regular and qualified security companies as partners, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises.