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Wuxi city in the future when the security guard training

Source:Site    2015年5月25日

  Recently, the municipal public security bureau in the fountain square for the security services management ordinance to engage in propaganda activities, attracted a lot of people. , police said the ordinance is the first administrative rules and regulations, and the security service industry in our country has come into force as of January 1 this year, \"the all security must go through training and examination of unified authentication, security industry will change the current situation of low threshold, low income, more secure the safety of the people.\"

  It is understood that the current wuxi about 100000 security guards, including community public security, public security traffic police and the floating population management assistant three parts. With the speeding up of city construction, the growth of population, the deficiency of the security team emerging, such as older, quality is not high, the security execute permissions etc. In the regulations related to security company qualification and the conditions of security guards has staged a series of aspects such as the new rule.

  According to the new rules, security personnel must be completed for a month 200 hours of training, learning to patrol, guard, security check, security technology to guard against, risk assessment and other professional skills, the public security organ examination, examination qualified for security officer certificate can mount guard. Prior to the enforcement of the regulations have been engaged in security officer, security service within 1 year from the date of enforcement of the regulations by the security guard place unit organizing training, after examination, examination, hair (in) the unified form of security officer. All security guard units must be to wuxi city public security bureau public security detachment for the record.